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Event Manager - Directors UK

Jocelyn worked alongside the Directors UK member services team to create in person and online events for the awards season 2023/24.

Working closely with the wider events team and member services, recorded the In Conversation podcast

Directors UK Podcast




FilmBath Festival - producer and Festival Director

Oversaw and coordinated all aspected of the 2022 film festival. The festival has been running for 32 years and counting and it was a pleasure to join the team to over see all aspects of delivering a world of cinema in the city of Bath.

Find out more about FilmBath

FilmBath photos courtesy of Anna Barclay + Charlie Pinder



Feature film Production Manager - summer 2022 

Working closely with the producer and production team, Jocelyn coordinated the day to day activity of the production office. From set supplies to crew messages to food/supplies to hands on support for crew queries, Jocelyn worked closely with the producer and Heads of Departments to help the film meet its deadline. Follow on social media for updates.



Nordia Nelson - Memories of the Windrush generation 

Memories of the Reading Windrush Generation and their Descendants is a series of oral history recordings developed by members of Reading's local Caribbean community. The series was first shown at Reading Museum in October 2021 as part of Black History Month. Each features the unique story and experiences of people who travelled from their place of birth to build a new life in the UK, often in the face of adversity. To see all of the videos please visit the Reading Museum website



Paul Robeson - tribute filmCaribbean Stories poetry competition

Reading Museum were conducting research into life in Reading during the 1960s, when we discovered quite an awe-inspiring photograph, showing none other than Paul Robeson, one of the fathers of the American Civil Rights movement, performing at Reading Concert Hall. Students of black history will be familiar with the life and works of Paul Robeson (1898-1976), a brilliant and hugely multi-talented 20th century American singer, actor, artist, and political activist. In 2019, the National Portrait Gallery launched a project called Coming Home. This involves iconic portraits of sitters being returned to places with which they bear a historical significance. After discussion with representatives of Reading’s African & Caribbean Community and the National Portrait Gallery, it was agreed that the story of Robeson in Reading presented a fantastic opportunity for the portrait to be loaned to Reading Museum.


We created film reflecting the legacy of Paul Robeson and his performance in Reading.


Exotic Holiday

Caribbean Stories poetry competition

Launched on the 22nd June closing on 19th July 2020, we held a poetry competition on the theme Windrush experience, heritage and what it means their descendants. to We held Free poetry writing workshop to support the writers. 

Winner - Pam Williams

Sibling Strangers (click to open)


Runner Up

Dawn Williams (nee Bridges)

Come (click to open)

Runner Up

Sheryl Malcolm

Your Time Now(click to open)

Our events have received funding from the Windrush Fund, administered by the Church Urban Fund on behalf of the Ministry of Housing, Communities & local Government.

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